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Search Engine Submission – Ping Content

Search Engine Submission: Website Promotion: Ping Content Search Engine Submission Search engine submission is the most important task in website promotion (aka ‘article promotion’, ‘blog promotion’, ‘web page promotion’). Pinging is the most efficient method. Using search engine submission for website promotion is the single most beneficial task you can undertake in search engine marketing …

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RSS Submission

RSS Feed URL Submission to RSS Feed Directories OK, you have completed your preparation for the task of submitting your RSS feed URL’s to RSS feed aggregators. You have created your RSS feeds. You have set up your spreadsheet ready to go and you have created titles, descriptions and tags for each of the feeds you …

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Sleep Apnea

I suffer from Sleep Apnea. Mine is known as SOSA (Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea). Sleep Apnea is where you stop breathing during sleep, multiple times and for extended periods. In itself it is not dangerous, as you will always start breathing again. However, the knock-on effect could be heart failure. Additionally, because your sleep is …

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