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Diabetic Coma – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Diabetic Coma: Prevention Is Better Than Cure Diabetic coma through high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is completely preventable. That is if you know the symptoms that warn that diabetic coma is imminent. I did not take notice.. Diabetic coma is devastating.The lead up to hyperglycemic diabetic coma is traumatic.The clues to the onset of coma are …

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Pre-Diabetes: Borderline Diabetes Prediabetes: a condition where blood glucose (blood sugar) has risen above the norm for an individual, indicates that insulin function is impaired: the precursor to diabetes. Pre-diabetes is the stage before contracting diabetes itself. It could be classified as borderline diabetes, in that the measurement of diabetic blood sugar levels does not …

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Prevent Diabetes

Prevent Diabetes To prevent diabetes we must understand diabetes. In understanding the condition we know that there are ways to limit the possibility of contracting diabetes. Diabetes is a complicated condition with many causes. One cause is our ability to influence dietary and physical conditions. Our diet is high-fat, high-carbohydrate, high-salt. Diet, and over-eating, is …

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Types of Diabetes

Types of Diabetes Diabetes types consist of: gestational diabetes; diabetes mellitus with three versions diabetes mellitus 1, diabetes mellitus 2 and type 3; pre-diabetes; and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes types:Gestational diabetes – only when pregnant.Diabetes Mellitus 2 (Diabetes 2) – adult onset diabetes.Diabetes Mellitus 1 (Diabetes 1) – childhood diabetes.Type 3 Diabetes (aka Diabetes Type 1.5) …

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