Chaz Fox


Hi, my name is Charles (Chaz) Fox, also known on the internet by my pseudonym Humagaia.

My life has had its up's and down's just like most people. 

I studied Life Sciences and Computer Science which led me into a career, mainly freelancing, as a Consultant Computer Software Architect for Financial Companies based around investment management of stocks and shares.

25+ years of mental graft, long hours, high stress levels led to divorce and a body breakdown culminating in a diabetic coma.

Subsequent related health problems required a complete change of lifestyle and income-generating opportunity. A period of online writing with Hubpages, Wizzley and Xomba, gave me an increasing income using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adsense and Amazon sales, until the inevitable Google algorithm change almost completely wiped out that income.

At that point I knew my business model was flawed. With few people available to give me good sound advice I had failed. Time for a new direction.

During my time earning good income from consulting I had indulged my passion for books and stamp collecting. My collections were substantial. So I decided to sell them gradually on eBay. To some extent this was successful but was always going to be a diminishing resource.

During this period I retired. As of 2020 I am 67 years young: a Silver Surfer. When Covid arrived I decided that it was time to reconsider how to achieve a sustainable income from an internet website.

Like most of us that have tried to do it for ourselves I found all those Guru adverts telling me about the millions of £, $, Euros they earned each year - but didn't quite believe them enough to waste my time and money trying to find the one that was actually right for me. And that would pay off.

But how daunting it was to try to get my head around which platform to use to build a website, get the right web address, hosting sorted out, find out which one and how to integrate an email auto-responder, how to build a list, aaaah it goes on and on!

Bottom line is I found a course of study, hand-holding, mentoring, advice platform that has guided me through the maze. The resources and methods have allowed me to create this current website with a stable foundation and infinite ways of creating just that which i desire. And it also advised me on how to generate the level of income i need.

If this piques your interest then please enter your name and email on this page and you too can begin without getting it wrong.