How To Avoid Diabetes

It is only with knowledge about ourselves that we can know how to avoid diabetes. The only way to know about our own physical condition is to monitor changes.

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How to avoid diabetes. How to prevent diabetes. How to stop diabetes. These are all burning issues for Government, and for individuals that care about their health. It is all about caring. Does our Government (wherever you live) actually care? Do you care? If you care, you need to preempt a diabetic condition, and you need to know when changes to your body occur. The majority of information, statistics, and recommendations come after diabetes is confirmed. What is needed is information before it arrives. This information can be obtained easily, and cheaply, if only the will of the Government, and of the people, were there.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am a diabetic. Everything in this article is from a personal point of view. If you are, or think you may be, diabetic, then you should consult your medical practitioners for their diagnosis, treatment and advice.

My experience

I do not say I was a saint and that it was not my fault, but I did not think I fell within the criteria for becoming a diabetic.

  • Yes, I was overweight, but not excessively so – in my estimation at least. 
  • I ate vegetables – I love them! 
  • I ate fruit – likewise! 
  • I do not drink tea, coffee or take alcohol, other than very occasionally. 
  • I drank water, milk, and the occasional fizzy drink. 
  • I ate lean meat with just a little fat. 
  • I did not use butter or fats in any great quantity. 
  • I roasted, boiled, steamed or baked my food – fresh – rather than fried. 
  • I did not eat cakes and biscuits, but did eat granary style bread. 
  • Carbohydrates were a part of my ‘balanced’ diet. 
  • I obtained exercise from my job, and from walking. 
  • I did not eat takeaways for some years before, except occasionally.
  • I did most of my own cooking from fresh, and ate salads regularly.
  • I rarely partook of processed or ‘ready’ meals.

I did pretty much all the things that are recommended to prevent me from contracting diabetes.

Not because I was trying to prevent diabetes, but because that was how I preferred to eat, drink and go about my daily life. There is:

  • Little I can do about my age
  • Limited scope for change with other medical conditions
  • Nothing I could do about traumatic incidents.

And then it happened!

How To Avoid Diabetes: Recommendations

Do the medical recommendations work?

All the answers I have seen on the subject of ‘How to Avoid Diabetes’, cover what the medical establishment recommend.

Some of the suggestions re-state ideas that do not give a reason why it is a good thing (such as drinking so much water), and to be honest I do not see the benefit.

These are just re-iterating what has been said before. I do not intend to re-state them here. I am not saying that they are wrong. What I am saying is that telling people this, does not work to stop diabetes as an epidemic.

It doesn’t necessarily work

I am now a Type II Diabetic.

I was in a coma with a blood-sugar level of 77.1 mmol/l [UK], equivalent to about 1390 mg/dl [US] (yes, that is not a mistype) at the beginning of 2009.

I now have serious problems with diabetic neuropathies.

There is an epidemic out there, in almost all major Western societies, and that is diabetes.

Nothing so far has worked to slow down the increase in cases of diabetes, worldwide.

It is all very well telling people that they need to change their eating and drinking habits, and telling them they must do more exercise.

But this only works if they think, or know, there is a problem.

“It won’t happen to me!”.

It did.

Diabetes Epidemic


Deciding When Diabetic Avoidance Is Required

A radical approach is needed

There is a need for a more radical approach!

And I will give you my advice as to what that approach should be.

There is one piece of advice that I can give to EVERYONE.

This goes out to every Government, that has or has not perceived the problem, as well.

Let the people decide that they have a problem!

Not radical enough for you?

Doing Something To Avoid Diabetes

Before it is too late

I am writing from the UK, but I know also that the US Government has targeted diabetes as the number one healthcare issue.

It is stated that the Western World is, on average, grossly overweight.

But there are countries where people are overweight and there is not a major diabetes problem (Italy and Japan, for instance). So, in my opinion, it is not just the issue of weight that is the root cause of diabetes.

How is it possible for us to decide, as individuals, that we might have a problem?

To achieve the goal of prevention, we must be able to do something BEFORE the problem arises.

What can we do?

Yes, we can do all the things that are recommended by the experts. We can also go to our doctor – but they want us to go there with a problem. And we don’t think we have a problem do we – yet?

There are no clinics in the UK, to my knowledge, that are drop-in centres to check if we could be at risk of diabetes. I don’t know about the US and other countries. I do know that some pharmacies in the UK offer a diabetes test.

But we don’t have diabetes do we?

We would know about it, wouldn’t we?

Well, no we wouldn’t. We put the symptoms of diabetes down to other medical issues, and our age.

So what can we do?

Those without diabetes could do what I and all other diabetics do.

What is that?

Test ourselves for high (or low) blood-glucose levels!


With a small test kit that doesn’t cost more than a few pounds / dollars (I got mine free after I had been diagnosed with diabetes, from our National Health Service).

It seems that I am intelligent enough, once I have diabetes, to be able to understand how to undertake the test, and to be able to decipher the readings. Yet it seems that I was deemed not to be intelligent enough beforehand.

Very strange!

Blood Glucose Monitors

Blood glucose monitors

Radical Approach To Diabetes Avoidance

A revolution in health care is required

There is a need for a radical new approach.

My radical approach, a Revolution in Health Care, is to insist that every family receive a blood-glucose test kit, free of charge!

Not after someone in the family is diagnosed with diabetes, but BEFORE!

After that, it is up to each of us whether we use it or not. We decide whether to take control of the situation or not. We decide whether we have a problem. We take control of our destiny!

And every child is taught at school how to use a blood glucose monitor.

Now that is radical, teaching them something that will be of use to them.

If we can generate the information ourselves, on a regular basis, we can monitor our blood-glucose levels over time. We can see whether there is a problem now, or see if one is developing. See if pre-diabetes is upon us.

Once we KNOW, we can do something about it, before it is TOO LATE!

If we see a change, then we can speculate what has caused the change – and do something about it, before it is too late! We are the only ones that really know what is going on in our lives on a daily basis, and we can monitor, with the use of this little bit of kit, when something has impacted on us adversely.

Even if you are doing something now to improve your chances of not getting diabetes, by following the experts recommendations, how do you know what you are doing is having a positive effect?

You don’t – unless you go to an expert to test what has occurred.

Why not do it yourself?

If you had a blood-glucose monitor, you could!

How To Avoid Diabetes: Conclusion

To avoid diabetes we must undertake certain lifestyle changes. But to know whether those changes are making an impression, we need to record the changes within our body. Without knowledge we cannot be sure the right changes are taking place.

How to avoid diabetes is a burning issue that both Government and ourselves can address by making available, and educating about, blood glucose monitoring equipment, for every family.

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