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OK, you have completed your preparation for the task of submitting your RSS feed URL’s to RSS feed aggregators. You have created your RSS feeds. You have set up your spreadsheet ready to go and you have created titles, descriptions and tags for each of the feeds you are going to submit. You have also considered and decided the registration information that you are going to use. You are now ready to start the process.

Here you will find a suggested sequence of events that will allow you to complete the process as efficiently as I can make it. This method will walk you through the submission process for manual submission of your RSS feeds. In this post you will find the submission sites that have the simplest submission process. A separate article will examine and progress you through automatic RSS feed submission services.

And so to begin.

The Simplest RSS Feed URL Submission Process

Some RSS feed aggregators only require you to enter your RSS feed URL’s. This is the easiest and quickest RSS feed submission process and is available for the feed aggregator directories below. All that you will need to do is press the link against the site headings, as below. A new window will open so that you can enter all of your RSS feed URL’s to each of the websites. Once completed, close the window and you will return to this page, thus allowing you to enter the next RSS feed submission website.

Aggregator’s Requiring Registration

The RSS feed aggregator’s below require you to create an account (register) before they allow you to submit your RSS feed URL’s. Once registered the RSS feed submission process is as simple as for those submission sites above. For esch of the submission sites all you have to do is press the “to register” link and you will be taken to the registration page for that website. The “to register” link has a pop-up that will tell you the registration details that you will need before accessing the submission site.

  • FeedBurner (Google) – – you will need to have a Google account which you should set up if you have not got one already as there are so many helpful applications available with a Google account. To access Feedburner all you need then to do is sign in with your Google Account details. Once logged in you can burn a feed straight-away. In addition you can create an OPML file (join a number of RSS feeds together to make a single OPML feed). You can also export statistic about your feeds in a CSV file.
  • Yahoo! Publisher Network – – you will need to have a Yahoo! account which you should set up if you have not got one already. Once you have an account you can enter your RSS feed URL’s. Now back in Beta).

Paid RSS Submission Sites




Other Free : Feedio,

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