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Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the most important task in website promotion (aka ‘article promotion’, ‘blog promotion’, ‘web page promotion’). Pinging is the most efficient method.

Using search engine submission for website promotion is the single most beneficial task you can undertake in search engine marketing (SEM) for free search traffic. But undertaking the task of submitting each of your web pages to each search engine is a mammoth task. Many resort to paying for services to do this. But this is not necessary, as there are free services that achieve the goal in just as efficient a manner. These are ping services, where your content achieves almost instant submittance to consumers such as search engines. There are quite a few services, so it is more efficient still to use a service that pings all major ping services. Read on to find the secret to instant recognition that your content exists.

Website Promotion

Web pages, articles, blog entries

I am often asked….’

Don’t you just hate it when a celebrity says that just before endorsing (selling) a product?

No they’re never asked . They’re lying!

But, I was asked by one person whether I had considered a writing an article on ‘how to promote your articles and target them for …. wider audience’. Yes I had.

That is, search engine submission.

I’ve published – Now What?

OK we’ve published our page. Now all we have to do is wait for the search engines (Google) to find it and all will be hunky dory.

Is this what you think?

If it is, then think again.

Just because you write something does not mean that it has a God-given right to be found and indexed. You have to be pro-active in this game.

Who else is going to do a better job than you promoting your work?

Lack of promotion is the single most common failing in the online writing community.

Each of us must do our part to make it happen though.

The first thing I do after publishing a web page (blog, article, web-site page) is to submit it to search engines.

Search Engine Submission

We’ve all done it, I hope. Typed those search strings into Google to find out how and where we can submit our articles so that they are indexed:

  • ‘Google website submission’
  • ‘add your website to Google’
  • ‘Bing search engine submission’
  • ‘add url’
  • ‘submit url’
  • ‘add your website’

Whichever search string you use will get you the information you need, won’t it? You will add your URL to one or two search engines manually, or you will find a paid search engine submission service.

Whatever you do don’t pay for website submission services that offer such like: 500,000 search engines and directories guaranteed submission. Yeah, right!

I used to use a service that is free, quick and easy to use. It is called Ping-o-Matic, and I used it every time I created new content, and every time I amended them. However, over the years the number of submission sites it has pinged to has diminished considerably.

From an outside perspective it is difficult to know which search engines etc., have been updated.

Ping-o-matic is, however, the goto program for WordPress pinging activity, so it must have plenty of traction.

If you want to add other to your WordPress site pinging activities then:

WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Writing > scroll to > Update Services will take yo to the appropriate place and you can add, in addition to the entry, those of the following list that you wish to use:


Using Ping Services

There is nothing easier than using the online URL submission services.

It is better to use them each time you publish a piece of online content because:

  • the content is promoted to the most relevant search engines
  • it is promoted at the right time, immediately after publishing
  • it is a boring process if you decide to enter lots of URL’s at one time.

All you will need to promote your content through these services is:

  • the title of your piece
  • the URL for the page.

Using Pingler as your Ping Service

“Pingler is the leading SEO tool on the net that gets your website, blog or affiliate links ranked quickly and at the highest results in search engines!”

– Twitter

You can Ping your webpage for free here. Or for more advanced users you can sign up and utilize their paid services.

Pingler front page

Note: You do not have to sign up for the free service.

There are many other ping services available from Pingler,including plugins for: WordPress, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

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