Starting Out on a Journey of a Lifetime!

It has taken a little time to get this website up-and-running. As with all new projects there is a great deal of action “under the water” that affects that which is seen above. The top of my iceberg, the swan body above the water, is now sufficiently complete for me to launch.

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And so it starts with a road set out into a glorious future! No limits!

Your Future

Over the time ahead I want to help you to achieve a future that you want and deserve.

In order to do that you need to know:

  1. the hurdles you might have to jump;
  2. the research you might have to do;
  3. the challenges you might have;
  4. the resources you will require;
  5. the mental fortitude you will need;
  6. the work ethic you will need to develop;
  7. the assistance you will gain from; and,
  8. the best advice you can get.

Information Overload

Setting out on this adventure I had to find out for myself. And at one stage it seemed overwhelming – the information overload – so many people online telling me this, telling me that. Then there were the self-called gurus, the masters of the internet, the multi-millionaire internet marketers – who to believe, who not to believe – default = believe no-one.

This is a scenario you may be going through, or you are starting to think this internet business stuff is something worth looking into.

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Do it the Right Way

I’m not a guru, a master, or a multi-millionaire, but I have found the people that I believe and have already steered me in the right direction for me. So, one piece of advice I can give now is:

you must plan to set up your business the right way.

Get the foundations right in the first place, so you don’t have to rethink again in the future.

Easier said than done? – yes, yes, yes!

But it is possible. By placing faith in the knowledge of those that have done it, and actually want to help you to do your thing the right way, and to make a good future for you and your family.

I put my faith in mentors.

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You can, with a little guidance, getting rid of the noise and information overload.

Mentoring Help

People that are willing to go the extra mile to help. They helped me to start this website, everything from:

  1. giving insights;
  2. offering advice as to the best plan for me;
  3. how to fit everything together;
  4. getting it right the first time;
  5. ongoing training about any aspect of earning a living online;
  6. and all the other things you need to know;
  7. plus ongoing support for as long as you need it.

It Doesn’t Need to be Perfect

Maybe, at this point, my site is not professional in look and feel.

But it is mine!

Did I spend huge amounts of money to set it up? No.

Did I spend lots of time researching? Yes.

Have I been working hard and smart? Yes.

Will it bring me what I want?

Only if I am prepared to work hard, smart and consistently.

If you want an internet business where you can write your own pay-check, have life freedoms, and a good life for your family, then check out these free videos to see if you think my mentors can help you too.

And now that I have taken the first step, what am I offering YOU?

My Offer to YOU!

I’m offering:

  1. time for you to ask questions, and for me to answer;
  2. some experiences that may help you with your decision-making;
  3. ideas that you can explore to see if they resonate with you;
  4. opportunities for you to incorporate into your earning strategies;
  5. product ideas for you to consider;
  6. pages for products that I can recommend, especially medical equipment as I suffer from diabetes and sleep apnoea,

and when your life and income exceed your expectations, there are to be links to rich boys toys and rich girls bling.

Expats and Digital Nomads

Also, for those of you that follow or will follow the expat path as a digital nomad (I’m planning to live in Thailand) I will be blogging about how I do it, and what I will do when I’m there, so anyone wishing to do the same can do so with information that actually has some merit.


So, if you like what you read and want to chat through any issue you have in your life, then connect with me.

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